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Chongqing fire door installation process

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1. Preparations for the installation of Chongqing fire doors:

Before installation, the actual hole size must be reserved according to the construction drawings for the comprehensive composite masonry and structural construction. When the reserved size is large, the civil construction unit should be notified in time to dig or repair.

According to the drawings and the above-mentioned civil construction requirements, fully understand the specifications and models (including opening direction) and installation conditions of fire doors and fire shutter doors: the fire doors of this project are side-mounted.

Second, the specific fire door installation:

1. Confirm the door frame corresponding to the door hole according to the requirements of the drawings. Check whether the door frame has obvious defects such as irregularities, scratches, etc., and the door frame with obvious defects such as bumps and scratches is strictly prohibited.

2. When installing, strictly follow the three-line (middle line, axis, elevation line) on site to find the door frame, and make it strictly horizontal and vertical. When you are looking for the right time, it is strictly forbidden to use the hard device (such as iron hammer) to directly hit the door frame to avoid the hammer. mark.

3. After the door frame is adjusted, the ф10 “л” or “U” type steel bars reserved on both sides of the door and the ribs on both sides of the door frame are welded firmly.

4. After the door frame is welded firmly, anti-rust paint should be applied to the joint to avoid rust.

5. Measure and record the installation result of each door frame. If there are conditions, hang a standard door leaf and observe the cooperation of the door frame and the door leaf, so as to make it suitable for the local area to be grouted and plastered on both sides. The door frame is cleaned of dirt and sprayed or painted on the door frame that has not been sprayed or painted.

6. Attach a hinge to the door leaf, hang the corresponding door leaf, check whether the door leaf has obvious defects such as bumps, hammer marks, scratches, etc., and make some partial adjustment according to the cooperation of the door leaf and the door frame.

7. Install other hardware accessories, adjust the closing force of the door closer, the angle of the sequencer, etc., and observe the opening and closing of the door until it is normal.

8. Wipe the door frame, door leaf and all hardware accessories, notify the modern and supervisors to wait for acceptance, and make a good acceptance record.

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Address:No. 1590, Jinkai Avenue, Yuanyang street, Yubei District, Chongqing

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