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Characteristics of Chongqing automatic revolving door

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1. Characteristics of the revolving door The biggest advantage of the revolving door is that it "opens the door forever and closes the door forever", that is, the door is always open for the personnel and always closed for the building. Therefore, the revolving door has unique features in terms of security functions, but there is no advantage in terms of incoming and outgoing personnel flow. Since the speed of the door is fixed, the number of people that can be accommodated between each door wing is limited, so other types of doors, such as automatic swing doors or manual swing doors, are mixed in large public places. On the other hand, in terms of static sealing effect, the revolving door is far inferior to other doors, because the movement of the door body determines that only the top bar seal can be used.

 2. The safety of the revolving door, the safety device of the revolving door can not be omitted.

   First, it is easy to clip between the movable wing and the fixed door, so the anti-pinch sensor strips on both sides of the automatic revolving door entrance and exit must match.

   Second, the rotational motion of the revolving door is relatively stable, and the walking speed of the person when passing the revolving door must be consistent with its rotational speed, otherwise collision is likely to occur. Anti-collision is achieved through a similar automatic reversal function, including reacting to human push. Artificial promotion is one of the main causes of dysfunction of the revolving door.

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Address:No. 1590, Jinkai Avenue, Yuanyang street, Yubei District, Chongqing

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