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The difference between Chongqing Youquan steel fire door and wooden fire door

Mentioned fire doors, according to the material, divided into: steel fire doors and wooden fire doors.

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The quality of fire doors is affected by the following factors:

First and foremost, depending on the fireproof material filled inside, the fireproof door with or without fire resistance depends on the quality of the fireproof material

Secondly, one of the standards for measuring the quality of fire doors is the fire resistance limit. This fire resistance limit is based on the national fire protection production specifications. It is divided into three levels: Class A fire doors, Class B fire doors and Class C fire doors. These three levels, they are separated from the minimum duration of a fire resistance authority, that is, when there is a fire accident, the fire door will not be damaged due to the fierce fierceness during this period, providing a place of exile for the public in embarrassment And opportunities to wait for the rescue of firefighters.


So, when we need it, how should we choose steel fire doors and wood fire doors?

1. Different materials

Wooden fire doorUse wood or wood products to make door frames, door leaf frames, door leaf panels, and doors with fire resistance rating up to "GB50045-95 Fire Protection Code for High-rise Civil Building Design".

Steel fire doorThe door frame, door leaf frame and door leaf panel are made of steel materials. If the door leaf is filled with material, it is filled with fire-proof and heat-insulating materials that are non-toxic and harmless to the human body, and equipped with fire-resistant hardware accessories. .


2. Different installation

Wooden fire doorWhen installing, the size of the door frame should be less than 20mm of the hole, and the bottom feet of the door frame should be buried 20mm below the ground. The door frame should be firmly fixed to the wall with a vertical angle. When standing or supporting, you should pay close attention to the straight and same angle to avoid planing and sawing. There are not less than 3 fixed points on both sides of the door frame, and the spacing should not be greater than 800mm.

Steel fire doorIn the installation process, considering the problem of bending deformation of the door frame, wood mud, sand, expanded perlite (1: 2: 5) concrete should be used in the width direction of the door frame, and it can be used after the concrete has set.


3. Different performance

Wooden fire doorThe production requirements: the door frame and the door leaf with a thickness greater than 50mm should be connected with a double tenon. When assembling the frame and fan, the tongue and groove should be tightly fitted, glued together with glue, and tightened with glue wedge.

Steel fire door,It is required that the overlap between the fan and the door frame should not be less than 10mm, and the gap between the two sides of the fan and the door frame should not be greater than 4mm. The gap of the fire door after installation and closing cannot be too large, otherwise the sealing performance of the fire door is difficult to guarantee, and it is difficult to reflect its effect of suppressing fire and smoke spread under fire conditions.

Whether it is a wood fire door or a steel fire door, our selection basis is generally based on the place of application. Normally, steel fire doors are the main configuration outside the building, while wooden fire doors can be selected inside the building. However, due to the diversity of surface treatment processes of steel fire doors, which can achieve greater durability under the premise of achieving the decorative effect of wooden fire doors, steel fire doors are gradually replacing wooden fire doors.

Chongqing Youquan steel fire door, the appearance of the product can be customized according to different application scenarios. The unique color matching and smooth lines highlight the overall beauty of the product and show dignified and fashionable features.

Chongqing Youquan steel fire doors are filled with new environmentally friendly flame-retardant and heat-insulating materials inside the door leaf. The joints between the door leaf and the door frame and around the fireproof glass are fireproofed and sealed, which greatly enhances the fireproof performance. In addition, it has obtained the 4.6 * 5M oversized fire protection certification with complete qualifications.

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