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The world of fire doors


As the first line of defense when a fire occurs, fire doors can effectively prevent the spread of fire and the spread of smoke, ensuring that people can be evacuated safely. Fire doors are generally installed in evacuation stairwells, front rooms, walkways, vertical shafts, fire compartments, etc., and are more common in public places.

What are the sizes of fire doors? What are the fire door ratings?

Let's take a look at the fire door knowledge introduction.

Fire door size specification

1. The role of fire doors

Fire door refers to the door that can meet the fire resistance stability, integrity and heat insulation requirements within a certain period of time. It is a fireproof partition with certain fire resistance, which is set in fire compartment, evacuation staircase, vertical shaft, etc.

In addition to the role of ordinary doors, fire doors also have the effect of preventing the spread of fire and the spread of smoke, which can prevent the spread of fire for a certain period of time and ensure the evacuation of personnel.



Fireproof door sealing requirements:

The national standard has clear requirements for the gap size of each lap of the fire door: for the steel fire door, the lap of the fan and the door frame must not be less than 10mm, and the gap between the two sides of the fan and the door frame must not be greater than 4mm. The gap of the fire door after installation and closing cannot be too large, otherwise the sealing performance of the fire door is difficult to guarantee, and it is difficult to reflect its effect of suppressing fire and smoke spread under fire conditions.

Therefore, the gap width of the installation of fire doors must be strictly controlled. Installation according to these standards can ensure the effective function of the fire door to a certain extent. Consumers must supervise when hiring construction units to prevent them from cutting corners and other problems, so that the fire door will not be in the event of a fire. Cause casualties.

2. The composition of the fire door

Fire doors are generally located in the following locations.

(1) Close the evacuation stairs and lead to the walkway; close the elevator room and open the door to the front room and the front room to the walkway.

(2) Inspection doors for vertical pipeline wells such as cable wells, pipeline wells, smoke exhaust ducts, and garbage ducts.

(3) Divide the fire compartments and control the fire walls and doors on the fire partition walls set in the building area of the district. When it is difficult to install firewalls or fire doors in buildings, fire shutter doors should be used instead, and water curtains must be used for protection.

(4) Specifications (such as GB50016-2014 "Code for Fire Protection Design of Buildings") or partition doors for partition walls that specifically require fire and smoke prevention.

3. The size of the fire door

In simple terms, the size of fire doors is generally the following experience figures:

Single-leaf fire door has 900mm (1000) X2100mm (2200, 2300)

Double-leaf fire door has 1200mm (1500, 1800, 2100) X2100mm (2200, 2300)

According to the different width and height of the door body, it can be divided into single-leaf, double-leaf and child-mother doors. According to the requirements of fire door specifications and related documents, the maximum width of the single-leaf door is 1000mm, the width of the double-leaf is 2100mm, and the child-mother type is generally About 1200mm; the height is currently 2300mm according to the requirements of fire door specifications.

The fixed specifications are fire-resistant entry doors and steel-wood fire doors. These two products are mainly used in home entrances and office doors in offices. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the size is relatively fixed, mostly single-open and son-mother type. There are mainly 950mm*2050mm and 1150mm*2050mm specifications, and the manufacturing and installation are relatively uniform.

Ordinary wooden fire doors, stainless steel fire doors and fire glass doors are mostly custom-made sizes. At present, domestic requirements are 2100mm wide and 2300mm high, and must be based on the fire door inspection report obtained by the manufacturer of the fire door.

The conventional size of steel fire doors is also less than 2123, and for the parts of super large fire door holes, the national approved fire door factory that meets the manufacturing conditions can produce steel super large size fire doors. It needs to be reminded that there are few domestic companies that can manufacture super doors. Too few, users must purchase from qualified oversized fire door manufacturers.

4. Fire resistance requirements of fire doors

On the market today, fire doors are classified into Class A fire doors, Class B fire doors, and Class C fire doors, and the standard for classifying is its fire resistance limit. When talking about the size requirements of fire doors, let's talk about the fire resistance requirements of fire doors!

The fire resistance rating of Class A fire doors is not less than 1.2 hours, and the safety factor is high, while the fire resistance rating of Class B fire doors is not less than 0.9 hours, and the fire resistance rating of Class C fire doors is not less than 0.6 hours, of which Class A Fire doors are for the purpose of preventing the spread of fire. Class B fire doors are to prevent the spread of fire, while Class C fire doors are to prevent the fire from spreading in a short time. In these levels, it is recommended that you choose Class A fire doors. Higher than other levels.

Fire door rating


1. Class A fire door


1. The highest level of fire separation (firewall, fire compartment, atrium, etc.)

2. Doors in crowded places (cinema theater, audience hall, etc.)

3. Important warehouse door (confidential room, archive room, etc.)

4. Doors for fire-related equipment (transformer room, power distribution room, etc.)

5. Doors for important equipment not related to fire protection (air conditioner room, freezer room, etc.)

2. Class B fire door


1. Open the door at the safety exit (closed stairwell, smoke-proof stairwell and front room, etc.)

2. Hall and room doors of entertainment buildings (KTV, entertainment hall, etc.)

3. Room or place with high risk of fire house (kitchen in public building, auxiliary warehouse of civil building, etc.)

4. Doors of rooms (places) used by vulnerable groups (operating rooms, delivery rooms, etc.)

5. Scale division of the same function control (hospital care unit, etc.)

6. Equipment room (fire control room, etc.)

7. When the distance between the doors and windows of the fire separation wall is insufficient, substitute measures

8. For residences larger than 54m and smaller than 100m, each household has a room door with an evacuation function room and open windows.

3. Grade C fire door


1. Shaft protection (tube well door, etc.)

2. Doors connected to the inside and doors of some equipment rooms open to the outside (transformation and distribution rooms, etc.)

New national standard fire door classification:

Class A: Also known as fully insulated fire doors, it can meet the requirements of fire resistance, heat insulation and fire integrity at the same time, and the fire resistance levels are 0.5h (Class C), 1.0h (Class B), 1.5h (Class A) and 2.0h, 3.0h.

Class B: Also known as partially insulated fire doors, the fire resistance and heat insulation requirements are 0.5h, and the fire integrity levels are 1.0h, 1.5h, 2.0h, 3.0h.

Class C: Also known as non-insulated fire doors, there is no requirement for its fire resistance and heat insulation, and only meets the requirements of fire resistance integrity within the specified fire resistance time. The fire resistance integrity levels are 1.0h, 1.5h, 2.0h, 3.0h. The British BS standard contains non-insulated fire doors.

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